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Bath / Sherston

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...as featured in National Newspaper The Daily Express by Carole Ann Rice

"Tired of painkillers and herbal tonics I decided to boost my wellbeing and iron out some low-level health problems via a Quantum-Touch practitioner. If you're scratching your head you are not alone. This unique and relatively unknown practice is an effective healing method so gentle and harmonious you hardly notice it's being done.

...I noticed small twinges in my arms, legs and around my lower stomach and with eyes closed something akin to the aurora borealis danced around my vision. It was completely relaxing, deeply restful and at the end of it I felt lifted, the neck pain had disappeared and I floated out. This is a therapy simply that has to be experienced to be believed and it can help with healing wounds, glandular problems, injuries, muscle pain, stress and much more.

I was so impressed I even asked Emma if it could help me realise my goals and dreams.
"Quantum-Touch works with the power of love and intention", said Emma. That's good enough for me."

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