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Reiki - A simple, highly effective natural hands-on healing method. Reiki (Ray-key) meaning Universal Life Energy - the energy around and within us.

Founded in Japan in the early 20th century by Dr Mikao Usui as a simple, method of natural healing channelling energy through the hands. Created so that it could be easily learnt and spread throughout the world. Today Reiki is the best known of all the healing modalities.

It is non denominational. However it is often believed to have religious connotations as the word spiritual is frequently used in conjunction with it.

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive whole body treatment without the use of massage or physical manipulation. It addresses imbalances within the body and can help restore the natural flow of energy to harmonise, balance and energise the body - physically, mentally and emotionally.

It can be used alongside other treatments helping to reduce toxins and the negative side effects of drugs whilst equally supporting and enhancing the positive side of that treatment and the body during recovery. Emotionally it can be used to help support through difficult times reducing stress, pain and alleviating depression. As practitioners we do not offer diagnosis or prognosis.

The number of sessions required is dependent on the condition being treated but often only one session is necessary to achieve great benefit. Children and animals also respond well to the energy.
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