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Emma Cope Synchronicity I have always had a natural instinct to read and understand people and their underlying needs. This was honed during an extensive 23 years career in the entertainment industry where I worked with a multitude of exacting people and their often-complex characters.

In 2008 I re-trained & qualified as a Personal Trainer and specialised in Power Plate Vibration Training. Here I began to learn about the tangible power of vibration and naturally began to move my focus from mechanical to personal vibration.

As my sensitivity and understanding has developed I have been drawn into an area where I can best direct my intuition and skills to help others. My energy work is tailored specifically to the individual, enabling them to get the maximum benefit from each treatment.

I use a combination of Quantum-Touch and Reiki in my work on both humans and animals. When combined this is known as Super Charge Reiki and can produce a more powerful result. Each session is completely different and needs to be experienced to be fully understood. The experience of energy healing is often a surprise to the recipient.

People often ask the difference between Reiki and Quantum-Touch. Simply put, a Reiki practitioner receives Attunement from a Reiki Master. The practitioner becomes the channel for energy to flow through with the use of symbols and set hand position and works directly on the illness/injury to accelerate the repair process.

A Quantum-Touch practitioner uses a series of techniques to raise their own energy. The client's energy then entrains to the practitioners and this allows the whole body the ability to heal itself.