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All animals can benefit from hands on healing. They are far more sensitive than humans to the energy, so feather light hands are used without the application of pressure. Once an animal has had enough they simply walk away and will come back if they want or need more. Natural Energy Healing can be appropriate following a Vets diagnosis of a problem or condition and can help to speed their self-recovery by helping to reduce pain, inflammation and stress, re-balancing themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. It can also be used preventatively against future diseases by helping to strengthen the immune system so that when the animal comes into contact with a disease their body is more efficient at fighting it.

Horses are one of the most sensitive and intelligent of creatures and are particularly receptive to healing energy. Originally living as free wild animals most of them have now become totally dependent on humans for all their needs. Many have suffered emotionally as well as physically as a result. They trap the bad memories deep down at a cellular level, developing stress or disease at some point in their life. It can be as simple as extended box rest or a bad experience in a horsebox to grieving for the loss of a fellow horse (they grow deep attachments to each other), or parting from a foal or even an owner to unspeakable acts of cruelty. As it is the horses own body that is self-healing, the energy goes directly to the cellular level to help release the physical stress or pain and in turn that releases the emotional pain.

I specialise in horses using a combination of methods - Reiki, Quantum-Touch & Tellington Touch. I take great pleasure watching them release their blockages - licking their lips, chewing, yawning and my particular favourite yoga stretching (keeping the front legs straight and pulling backwards similar to yoga downward dog position). It is truly an honour when a horse trusts you enough to lay down on the floor leaving themselves vulnerable and exposed and allows you to give them healing.