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Quantum-Touch is a Natural Energy, Holistic Therapy. This simple and effective method of giving energy (Chi, Qi, Ki or Prana) to the body can allows itself to re-balance and heal from pain, inflammation and stress - physically, emotionally and mentally and is as natural as breathing. Good health is a combination of living free from pain & disease together with balance and harmonisation of mind, body and spirit. Research shows that 1 : 6 people suffer with chronic pain.

A multitude of diseases today are caused by stress. Medically proven, stress forces the body to create inflammation in the muscle and connective tissue. Quantum-Touch can help reduce that inflammation allowing the body the capacity to heal and free itself of discomfort and pain.

This is a complimentary rather than alternative treatment to Western Medicine. By helping to strengthen the immune system it can be used preventatively against future illnesses so that when the body comes into contact with them it can be more efficient at fighting a disease. It can help alleviate symptoms for most conditions, in some cases re-align bones however, it is not a cure for terminal diseases.

This hands-on or off treatment is non-invasive and performed seated, standing or lying down with the individual remaining fully clothed. Suitable for all ages from young babies upwards. Children can respond particularly well to the healing energy. In the older person, if traditional methods start to become less effective, this can be a wonderful source of comfort and release.

A happy person is a healthy person so whether you have a specific pain or ailment, suffer from stress, would like to boost your immune system or simply spend a pleasurable hour rejuvenating your mind and body I encourage you to try Quantum-Touch .

" I think that energy, and the use of energy in healing,
will be the biggest frontier in medicine over the next decade." Dr Mehmet Oz